The Migrant Education Program is a federally funded program that provides services to children and youth ages 3-21, whose education has been interrupted in the past three years because of the need for migrant parents to relocate to other areas in order to find agricultural or seasonal work.  This includes working with Out of School Youth (OSY).  The Migrant Education Region VIII works in cooperation with the school district to supplement the district’s educational program and to promote each migrant student’s academic achievement through advocacy, coordination, and collaboration.  

The goal of the Migrant Educational Program is to provide supplemental services that will help migrant students succeed academically, graduate from high school, and make a smooth transition to post-secondary education.  Our services include health referrals and support services, academic supplemental support to students, as well as various University or College visits.  In addition, the program offers supplemental educational services to Out of School Youth (OSY) students ages 18-21 who qualify for service and have not graduated from high school or have not completed a GED high school equivalency certificate. 

The Migrant Education Program holds three parent meetings per year.  Flyers with the time, date, and location of the meetings are sent to parents with the students and are posted on every school’s bulletin board.

For students to qualify for the Migrant Services, they and their parents must have moved to another school district to work in agriculture within the last three years. Other qualifying factors may impact eligibility.

If you have any questions regarding the Migrant Educational Program please call Javier González at (559) 651-3035 ext. 3410.